two women holding a blue gradient cake with thirty on top - White Canvas Design

30 things we’re leaving behind from our twenties

By Carly Moir & Stefani Burr
Photography By Kayla Foster
Cake by Sweet Bakes Boutique

Thirty. It showed up and smacked us both in the face like any other birthday, but this time with an extra dose of reflection, nostalgia and laughter. With birthdays just 3 days a part, we decided to look back on our twenties and reminisce about the lessons we encountered along the way. Some were practical, some silly, some heartwarming. Others took downright hard work and growing up to get through. What they all have in common is that they’re a part of who we are today, and we celebrate turning thirty by sharing them with you!

1. “I’m too busy”

As moms, wives, entrepreneurs, friends (etc. etc.) we oftentimes feel like there just aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish it all, BUT the excuse “I’m too busy” is going out of style. Prioritize and make time for the things that are most important to you, because everyone is busy. 

2. The corporate world 

Getting those first “big girl” jobs out of university were some of the biggest “win moments” of our twenties. That moment of finally getting to feel more like an adult than a student and thrilled to be (somewhat) applying your degree to the real world. But leaving the corporate world taught us more. Venturing out as entrepreneurs showed us courage, humility and grit we never would of known existed within ourselves had we stayed at our desk jobs. Probably the biggest risk of our twenties, but the biggest reward too. 

3. The Beep Test

A tribute to our time spent in varsity sports. The test will start in 3…2…1…BEEP. Along with this we say goodbye  (hopefully) to all sports related injuries including shin splints and torn hamstrings (ouch). 

4. The Mirage (RIP)

If you didn’t go to the mirage night club in your twenties, you seriously missed out. From $2 drinks on student nights, dancing to Lady Gaga when she first made her debut, and waiting in rainy line ups in our dresses because we didn’t want to pay for coat check – it was all totally worth it. Sadly it shut down a few years ago…or else we would of been back to celebrate our thirtieth for sure, maybe with a jacket this time though.

5. Text Books

A big chunk of our twenties was spent in the classroom. While we are saying farewell to study hall, final exams and heavy text books we aren’t completely closing the education door. We realize the importance of industry networking, conferences, and professional development. You’re never too old to learn!

6. Aritzia Shopping Sprees

The difference from when we were 21 year old waitresses to now is that money holds so much more value. We’ve said goodbye to that cute $200 black jumpsuit we’ll only wear once. At thirty, our mindset has shifted to financial planning (we know, boring!) because retirement isn’t so far out of reach! Our motto: invest, plan and save, but don’t forget to treat yo-self every now and then.

7. Competition 

This is probably the biggest one for us. As high performance athletes in our early twenties, we were immersed in a competitive mindset 24/7. When we entered the real world, this experience was always commended by employers as a good thing. What we learned though, is that competitiveness, if you’re not careful, can be downright destructive for your relationships with friends, family and co-workers. It also takes up far too much valuable energy that could be spent doing more productive, positive things in the world. At thirty, we’ve made a commitment to ourselves to focus on collaboration over competition and supporting others. 

8. Small cars 

With a ford fiesta and a mazda 3 in tow during our twenties, we’ve traded those in for the mom-friendly alternatives … mini-vans. Just kidding! The crossover SUVs will do for now. 

9. Small beds 

Living in the SFU dorm towers in our freshman year, our first bachelorette pads featured shared washrooms, 120 sq ft. of expansive living space, concrete interiors, and single beds. As our families got bigger in our twenties, so did our beds. Now spoiled with king mattresses, our beds are filled with more than just ourselves. Kids, husbands, puppy cuddles – we wouldn’t trade it for anything. 

10. Measuring success

Everyone is out there trying to make something of themselves – ambition is a good thing. What we’ve come to learn throughout our twenties however, is the importance measuring our own success by setting goals, rather than comparing ourselves to what everyone else is doing (especially on instagram). 

11. Being afraid to ask questions

There were so many times in meetings, lecture halls, and conferences where our hands weren’t raised because the fear of asking questions was a real thing. We’ve come to realize that you are never too wise, young, or old to ask questions and there are likely others in the room with the exact same thought. So raise those hands!

12. Body expectations

Hate to admit it, but our twenties were full of times where we compared our bodies to something that was 100% unachievable. We’re jumping into our thirties embracing our curves, muscles, baby bumps and mom bods.

13. Forever 21

Ugh this store… No, just no.

14. Cheap Wine

We’ve bid farewell to those $9 bottles of Yellowtail Shiraz and Boones Sangria, and the inherent hangovers that accompany them. Our thirty year-old selves have said HELLO to $15-$20 (or maybe even $30) bottles of pure bliss. Our current favourite: Ruby Blues Red Stilletto from Naramata. 

15. Bad dates

We lived through our early twenties when facebook was just becoming a thing, msn messenger was on its way out and there definitely wasn’t something like tinder on the market (gasp!). Whether technology helped or hindered our dating lives, we sat through a lot of bad dates – if you can even call some of them dates…like dinner for 2 at the campus dining hall. At least the cheap wine helped.

16. Bad Boys

We couldn’t leave boys off the list. With the bad dates, our twenties were defined by lots of heartache and a few bad relationships BUT we’re both so very lucky to have found our forever prince charmings. We are heading into our thirties with strong men by our sides. 

17. UGG Boots

Who else got a pair of uggs when they were 18 and have been riding them into the ground ever since? Deformed, worn down and too basic for our own good, we’ve made a vow to throw out those old ugg boots in our thirtieth year (insert the cheering of our husbands here).

18. Drama 

That drama from high school is something that seemed to naturally follow us into our early twenties – where everything was worth gossiping about and judgement was at its all-time highest. As we grew through our twenties we learned to let go of the drama, because aint no one got time for that!

19. Not making girl time a priority

Do yourself a favour now and find a way to make yourself available for those girls nights. Cherish and value those quality friendships – the reality is the less you make yourself available, the further away you will be from your friends. And we all need girl time.  

20. Designer purses

We’ve traded in our MK totes for diaper bags! Mom life at its finest.

21. “Doing it all” 

This just simply doesn’t exist. We navigated our twenties with the idea of a perfect work-life balance being the ultimate goal. As women, we wear many “hats” and try to be the very best version of ourselves while wearing them – but we know now that it’s impossible to wear all of them at once. So on the days we can do it all as designers, we embrace that. On the days we are the world’s best wifeys or mothers, we celebrate that. Finding the good in each individual day and letting go of trying to be all things at once is what we’re taking with us into our thirties. 

22. Being selfish 

There’s no denying your twenties are all about “you”. Travelling where you want, when you want. Being in charge of your own schedule. Making a name for yourself in the corporate world. As we enter our thirties and focus on our young families, we’ve had to accept being selfish is rarely an option, and we’re okay with that. 

23. Wendy’s 

If you’re reading this and played SFU softball sometime over the past few decades, you’ll understand our boycott on Wendy’s. For everyone else – lets just say we consumed too many combinations of the dollar value menu to count during those years. 

24. Wedding Planning

We both had such magical wedding days but this is one thing that we are happy to never have to plan ever again. The epic honeymoons on the other hand…

25. Tequila Shots

Whether it was cinco de mayo or just a typical Saturday night at the Roxy, tequila shots are something we’re glad to leave behind in our twenties (margaritas are still fair game though).

26. Caring what people think

Making choices based on the assumption of what other people will think is no longer an option in our thirties. Caring about those around you is important, but not to the extent of it impacting how you choose to live your life. Choose first what makes you happy and those who truly care about you will support that no matter what.  

27. Living at home

We all know the topic of real estate in Metro Vancouver is a sore spot for many, including ourselves. There was a time in our twenties when we had to sacrifice our newly found independence and live with parents to scrounge up enough cash for a downpayment. Although it seemed hard at times, it made owning that first apartment even sweeter once we achieved it. 

28. Career uncertainty 

We will NOT miss that phase right around university graduation where we were constantly bombarded with the “so what are you going to do now?” question. It feels so good to of found our passion as designers and to have the privilege of sharing that passion with others every day.

29. “I’ll just text them” 

Texting over the past decade has become so much bigger than when we first entered our twenties. It’s so easy to just text someone instead of calling, we’re certainly guilty of this. The problem is that you can never really have meaningful conversations via text, especially when things can be taken the wrong way. New goal for thirty? Take the extra 5 minutes to call someone, old school but we like it. 

30. Taking life too seriously 

The last big thing we’re leaving behind from our twenties? Being too serious about life. There’s no way to control anything but our own actions, choices and attitude. The world is not out to get us or help us – it’s just there to facilitate our time. When something stressful happens at work, we stop and think “will this matter in 5 hours from now? 5 days? 5 years?”. Keeping it all in perspective is the real secret.