Flow Scientific booth design on a tablet - White Canvas Design

Flow Scientific

booth design

Surrey, British Columbia

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada has brought a whole new market for companies like Flow Scientific. FlowSci creates natural terpenes (aroma and flavour enhancing isolates) for the cannabis industry. They approached us to design their booth for the Lift Vancouver tradeshow in January, which would reveal their new branding and visual identity to the market. Working with their new logo, our goal was to extend the visual identity in a simple yet captivating way that would attract attention at the show. “Inspired by Nature. Refined by Science.” inspired our creative team to design an abstract texture, overlaid with green and teal gradients for best contrast. The molecules texture added that bit of science we were looking for, with each of the pieces representing actual terpene components. With the absence of newly branded product imagery, we also rendered some new packaging labels for the front panel showcase.