A new year means a fresh canvas and a chance to really take the time to evaluate your direction for the next 365 days. Goal setting is familiar to us (almost too familiar) coming from an athletic background, and while we used to roll our eyes at the thought of goal setting before a big season we have come to realize that it’s highly beneficial professionally and personally. There’s just something about writing your aspirations down on paper that makes it easier to stay accountable and determine an action item list of how you plan to achieve them. Below is a short (but sweet) 5 step formula to create and crush your 2019 goals!

Oh, and to make things even easier for you we’ve put together a handy goal setting worksheet for you to download and print, for free (because we’re nice like that).

Download our goal setting worksheet here

1. The Big Picture

Jot down 3-5 BIG goals that you would like to tackle for the upcoming year. Maybe you have a certain sales target you are after, a health goal, or a new skill you would like to acquire. We like to follow the SMART goal setting method, ensuring that our goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-oriented. Post your goals somewhere that will remind you on a regular basis – your bulletin board, a journal or on the fridge.

2. Prioritize

Once you have your list of 3-5 goals it is time to prioritize which ones you will want to work on first. It can be difficult to push certain things aside for others but the reality is that we are not superhuman, we can’t do it all at once. Be realistic with yourself and create a schedule with reminders to check in on your progress.

3. Take Action

Once you have your goals on paper, you are ready to commit yourself to reaching those goals. What will it take to get there? Start to plan out action items: register for a course that will help you acquire specific skills, sign up for a networking event to meet new potential clients, register for that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try. Keep yourself accountable to these actions items and dedicate time to making sure you are sticking to it.

4. Evaluate

Check in on your goals regularly. Look back at your goals every 3 months, 1 month or 1 week and evaluate how you are doing. Accept that you will have some weeks that are stronger and more productive than others. Don’t beat yourself up, simply change the course or adjust things as you go.

5. Measure

Each time you check-in on your goals, gauge whether you are on track to achieve it. Measuring the success of your goals can be quantitative or quantitive, but using numbers is more effective. For example, track the number of yoga classes you attended this past month, count your new leads, or calculate your company’s monthly revenue. As you work towards your goals in small steps and keep to your action plan you WILL start to see progress. This will keep you motivated and ultimately set you up for the overall achievement of your goals.

Remember although your goals may seem big now, working towards them little by little, week by week, will add up to a whole lot of awesome by the end of 2019. Speak kindly to yourself, share your goals with others and if you become overwhelmed take a short rest, but do not quit!