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Our Story

Founded in 2012, White Canvas Design is a full-service creative studio located in a shiny new office space in Langley, BC. Our unicorn skills include custom WordPress website ux/ui design and development, branding and logo design for new or existing businesses, and graphic design for pretty much anything (packaging, advertising, catalogues – you name it!). We also dabble in content creation, copywriting and digital marketing by partnering with our talented third-party vendors.

We believe in timeless, minimalist design that creates room for your business to grow. Our simplistic, communication-first approach pairs best with businesses looking for meaningful and intuitive visual identity systems, user-friendly websites or wow-factor marketing collateral. We work with businesses of all sizes from startup solopreneurs to global companies with 3000+ employees. What’s our niche? Simple – good people. Good people who value collaboration, a warm cup of coffee, and making friends along the way. If this sounds like you, chat with us below.

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  • Carly profile photo - White Canvas Design

    Carly Overs

    Creative Director & Founder

    Hello, it’s great to meet you! My name is Carly and I am the founder and creative director of White Canvas Design. What began as a freelancing side gig in 2012, quickly grew into this amazing team I get to collaborate with today.

    I am thankful every moment for the fantastic clients we get to work with, many of whom have become friends over the years. My favourite part about this business is how dynamic each day can be. I love meeting fellow entrepreneurs, helping them find their brand identity and coming up with creative design solutions.

    On the weekends I enjoy spending time with my daughter, Riley, and my fur-baby Bella. I also love going for a good run, exploring Vancouver through my camera lens, catching up on the latest ‘This Is Us’ episode, and trying my hand at new recipes in the kitchen.

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  • Kelsi profile photo - White Canvas Design

    Kelsi Leaming

    Design Manager

    Hello! My name is Kelsi, and I am a Graphic Designer here at White Canvas Design. I am a graduate from the Design Foundation program at Langara College, with a background in photography.

    I have always thought of design like solving a puzzle. You have a bunch of tiny pieces that need to come together into one unified piece. Each one has its own challenge, and solution. I love laying out all the pieces and getting to solve these puzzles every day!

    If I’m not at my desk thinking over a layout, I am most definitely with my dogs. We love to hike and camp, and just get off the grid when we can.

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  • Jen profile photo - White Canvas Design

    Jennifer Lam

    Lead Front-End Developer

    Greetings! I’m a gal called Jen and I’m a front end developer who enjoys making mobile and web applications feel alive. I’m a full-stack developer graduate from Red Academy.

    I fancy turning great designs into clean, functional code. When I’m not coding, I love to spend time with my cats and plants.

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  • Jill profile picture - White Canvas Design

    Jillian Laird

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Hi! I’m Jill, a Junior Graphic Designer at White Canvas Design and a graduate from BCIT’s Graphic Design Program. I have a background in Baking and Pastry Arts and plan to complete a BBA with a focus in Marketing Management.

    I have always loved being creative, and take every opportunity to channel my passion by creating beautiful designs that communicate clearly and effectively. In my free time you can find me traveling, cooking, and being with everyone I love, including my Great Dane, Fergus!

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  • lia profile picture - White Canvas Design

    Lia Duguran

    Front-end Developer

    Hi there, my name is Lia. Im a front-end developer and a graduate from BCIT. I enjoy bringing designs to life and learning about user experience.

    I have a rescue dog from Korea named Kai who occupies most of my time when I’m not at my desk! I also enjoy reading, watching re-runs of the Parks and Recreation on Netflix and spending time outside with friends.

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  • Hannah profile photo - White Canvas Design

    Hannah Needham

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Hi there! My name is Hannah, nice to meet you! I’m a design graduate from BCIT. Prior to my studies there, I also completed a BFA in Painting & Cultural Theory from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

    My background in Cultural Communications and Visual Arts benefit me to deliver projects with efficiency and great style. I approach every design challenge with enthusiasm, seeking solutions that are conceptually beautiful and strategically robust. When I’m not designing I love to spend time outside in quiet spaces, walking, working in my garden and wild foraging for seasonal treats.

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  • Sarah Nickel profile picture - White Canvas Design

    Sarah Nickel

    Junior Graphic Designer

    Hello! I’m Sarah, a passionate graphic designer and graduate of BCIT and Emily Carr’s Communication Design program. I also have a background in education, with a B.Ed. and B.A. focusing on English, art, and design.

    My love of graphic design started when I was young and I like to joke that, as a daughter of an engineer and a painter, I became the perfect blend of my parents – a creative visual problem solver! As an innately curious and empathetic person, I appreciate how design enables me to learn about the world and respond directly to the needs of others in order to communicate in an impactful and engaging way.

    When I’m not glued to my screen creating, I enjoy hiking and exploring BC, trying a new craft brew, and attempting to learn dance moves on my roller skates.

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  • Bella Headshot - White Canvas Design


    Design Doodle

    Bella is our office therapy dog. She reminds us to take breaks, crack a smile during deadlines, and acts as inspiration during our design process. It’s safe to say she loves people, salmon treats, and running circles around us at the park.