Graphic Design

Putting your design to work

Packaging design, marketing collateral

We are passionate about all things graphic design. If you can print it, view it, or hold it, we can design it. From signage to annual reports, to Instagram Canva templates and packaging design, this is where we put your brand to work. Collaborate with our in-house design team on an as-needed hourly basis or set up a monthly design retainer. We’re like your very own creative team and an extension of your marketing department.

Graphic design services include:

  • 1

    Print Marketing – business cards, mailers, postcards, brochures, ad campaigns

  • 2

    Trade Show + Event Creative – booth design, event collateral, signage

  • 3

    Social Creative – Canva templates, branded page graphics

  • 4

    Long-form content – magazines, catalogues, annual reports, books

  • 5

    Packaging design – labels, boxes, unique dyelines

  • 6

    Sales materials – sell sheets, pitch decks, infographics

  • 7

    Signage – exterior and interior

  • 8

    Apparel – custom-drawn illustrations, patterns

Our in-house design team

At White Canvas we have a quality team of designers with extensive experience in creating assets for print and digital. We work within many brand systems and like to think of ourselves as a bit of a chameleon (it's actually our favourite part!). If you require extra help with assets for your graphic design project such as branding, photography, video, or copywriting, we can help with those too.

Graphic Design Process

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    01. Organize

    Submit your design request or project brief to your graphic designer, outlining budget requirements, timelines, and providing relevant assets as required.
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    02. Discovery

    Your designer will clarify any details over Zoom or email to make sure we are clear on direction before getting started.
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    03. Design

    Next, we will design your creative and explore different solutions based on the project brief. Perfect your design with 2-3 rounds of proofing with your designer.
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    04. Final Files

    Once approved, your designer will provide you with the final files in print-ready or web-ready format as required and submit to printing vendors if needed.