Shopify Websites

The #1 solution for ecommerce businesses

The go-to ecommerce solution for small businesses

If your business is ecommerce based without a brick and mortar storefront, Shopify is where you need to be, hands down. Shopify’s built in features and checkout experience is an industry leader and a great all in one solution for businesses. Additional Shopify apps can also be integrated to streamline marketing and operations of your business. In this model we can work with both Shopify templates as a base or develop the site custom

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Our favourite website add ons

We often build in brand photography, website copywriting, videos, and Canadian-based website hosting into proposals for clients looking for more hands-on support. Tell us about your project in a complimentary consult or fill out our Website Canvas questionnaire to get startes!

Shopify Website Process

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    01. Discovery + Research

    Meet with us over coffee as we fill out the Website Canvas Questionnaire to uncover your user goals. design preferences, and functional requirements. We'll also want to get a copy of your brand guidelines and assets.
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    02. Content Structure + Imagery

    Next, we will work with you to determine what pages are needed on the website and map out a menu structure. We'll help guide you with content curation and website imagery.
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    03. Choose a Template

    Based on your site requirements, we will research and send you a shortlist of recommended Shopify templates to use as a foundation. Select the template that speaks to you most and we're ready to go!
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    04. Development

    After the design is approved, we will work to customize your template or develop the site from scratch and integrate any third party apps. A few rounds of proofing and we're almost ready!
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    05. Publish + Test

    Once approved, your site is ready for publishing! We'll make the site public and run through some final testing on desktop, mobile, and tablet to work out any final kinks.