As an entrepreneur, running a business in Langley could be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. While you’re working hard all day and maybe even some nights, believe it or not but your website works even more than you. Since your website is always available to past, current, and potential customers, you want to ensure that it makes the best impression possible. 

Here are 5 website design tips for your Langley business

1. Utilize white space and content chunking

Nobody likes a website that is overwhelming with too much information or too many elements such as photos, graphics or videos. White space is essential to website design, as it helps increase readability, separates sections, and decreases the bounce rate. Equally important is keeping your copy short and easy for the user to digest in smaller chunks. This allows the user to focus on one thing at a time and has a better chance of conversion, whether that’s making a purchase, filling out a form or booking a consultation

2. Optimize it for mobile

As there has been a substantial increase in smartphone use over the last few years, users are relying on their mobile devices to inform purchase decisions and engage with brands in the digital space. Having a responsive mobile-friendly website keeps people on your site longer, which is better for SEO and also overall brand experience.

3. Highlight Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

The number one mistake we see on websites is failure to identify the main call to action or intention of the website. Highlighting specific calls to actions related to your overall website goal, helps guide potential customers through the sales funnel with CTA buttons intentionally placed at key areas on the page. Understanding which platform is right for your business such as WordPress websites, Squarespace websites or Shopify websites will also help you achieve these CTAs effectively.

4. Organize your navigation

When viewers first arrive at your website’s homepage, they will do one of two things: browse the homepage or look to the header navigation menu. When it comes to designing your navigation, your goal should be to get people to where they need to go in the least amount of clicks possible. Identifying your core top tier menu pages in the navigation is a great place to start. Asking your target audience in a short survey to help inform this, or relying on existing data like google analytics for top visited pages can help inform this. 

5. Integrate social media

Similar to how many customers look at reviews before purchasing a product or a service, social media is now more than ever a key player in the customer buying journey. Social media shows authenticity and legitimacy while also building an invaluable community for your brand. A few ways we’re seeing Langley businesses incorporate social into their website lately include adding a carousel to the homepage to encourage followers, and also specialty shopping apps like Shopify’s instagram app for a heightened e-commerce experience.

In summary, website design is a forever evolving area of expertise. If you’re interested in learning more or getting a website audit done up, book your complimentary consult today.