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Acuity Pilates Studio

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Vancouver, British Columbia

Acuity Pilates Studio is a Vancouver based business offering online, real-time, feedback-driven Pilates classes through a community of collaborative instructors. Acuity offers real-time, personalized feedback during classes to create a closer experience and deeper connection to the community. Our goal was to create a visual identity representing movement, fluidity, connection, and space harmony. Pulling inspiration from the concept of space harmony the logo was designed to represent the personal space each individual holds in their “kinesphere” and the possibilities that can be reached through movement inside and outside the body. We took an abstract approach to designing the logomark, with the centre oval representing the body and the linework representing movement and asymmetric patterns. Topped off with timeless and sophisticated typography and a vibrant, unique colour palette, the brand identity for Acuity Pilates Studio was born. We then collaborated with Acuity to style and optimize their Squarespace website to put their brand to work.

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