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Kindred Family Practice

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Ladner, British Columbia

If you’re a parent, pay attention here! Kindred Family Practice set out to offer integrated support for children and families of all shapes and sizes, to help them better manage behavioural challenges inside and outside the home. Jana’s big vision was brought to us and we knew instantly it was a great fit to bring her brand to life. The rings featured in Kindred’s logo represents the 3 core areas of their services, as well as the cyclical approach to their teachings. We created a colour palette that was neutral, inviting and safe. We chose typography than was sophisticated, but still approachable, and expanded their identity elements with custom iconography for their core services: Kindred Equine, Kindred Connection and Kindred Community. We then applied branding to Kindred’s new squarespace website, business cards and rack card handouts for a completed and consistent look.

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“When I contacted Carly, she instantly made me feel at ease. She was supportive, understanding but most importantly, humble. There was never any pressure, Carly gave me time to reflect and come to the decision. As I made the choice to move forward my stress started to melt away. Carly came to understand who I was and what I was looking for, I came to understand what she and her company valued and what they could offer me. There were some serendipitous moments of shared life experiences and a mutual respect was developing.

Carly took my information back to her team and sent me the first draft for the brand kit a short time later. I was stunned! I couldn't believe she came to such a deep understanding of what I wanted in the project. I sifted through the options and we went through a few drafts to sort out the details. When I expressed my ideas for a little tweak here or a little tweak there, Carly met each challenge with grace. I felt like this process was done in partnership. I am grateful for the peace of mind that came from this experience and look forward to tapping into other services that White Canvas Design has to offer.”

— Jana Luchene, Kindred Family Practice